Evaluating your performance

The final step of the evidence-based approach is self-evaluation. In their Evidence-based Medicine textbook (ref 1). Sackett et al suggest a number of self-evaluation questions for each stage of the evidence-based approach. A few examples are shown below:

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.
Confucius (circa 551-479 BC)


  • Am I asking any clinical questions?
  • Are they well structured?


  • Am I searching for evidence?
  • Do I know what the best sources are?
  • Am I getting better at it?
  • Am I finding evidence?


  • Am I critically appraising evidence?
  • Am I getting better at it?


  • Am I using evidence I find and appraising it in my practice?


  1. Sharon Straus Paul Glasziou W. Scott Richardson R. Brian Haynes. Evidence-Based Medicine: How to Practice and Teach EBM. 5th Edition. Elsevier 2018.