Short Course: Practical Statistics for Medical Research

17th – 20th April 2012

UCL Clinical Research Support Centre
UCL Statistical Science

This internationally reputed course has been running for more than 15 years and covers the essential aspects of design and analysis of health studies. The objective of this course is to help researchers understand the basic principles of quantitative research methods, their application and interpretation. It is relevant to all health care professionals involved in research. The course is structured into several teaching sessions per day, with a mixture of lectures, workshops and hands-on computer practicals. A full set of lecture notes, solutions to practicals and important references are supplied. The course is offered by experts in Medical Statistics and Epidemiological methods.

Course tutors include: Prof Doug Altman, Dr Rumana Omar, Caroline Doré, Dr Julie Barber, Dr Gareth Ambler, Dr Andrew Copas, Dr Zoe Fox, Dr Gianluca Baio, Khadija Rantell, and Paul Bassett

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