ADA- Centre for Evidence-based Dentistry update topical fluoride clinical recommendations

In 2006 the American Dental Association (ADA) published recommendations for the use of professionally applied topical fluorides for caries prevention. This month they have released an update of those recommendations. The recommendations are based on an updated systematic review and the authors addressed three main questions.

1. In primary and permanent teeth, does the use of a topical fluoride compared to no topical fluoride reduce the incidence of new lesions, or arrest or reverse existing coronal and/or root caries?

2. For primary and permanent teeth, is one topical fluoride agent more effective than another in reducing the incidence of, or arresting or reversing coronal and/or root caries?

3. Does the use of prophylaxis before application of topical fluoride reduce the incidence of caries to a greater extent than topical fluoride application without prophylaxis?

The full document is available to download  at their website  ADA-Topical Fluoride clinical recommendations

The panel chair can be heard speaking about the work in a podcast

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